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Little Women 2018

Of the girls that play in the highest room for the girls and the living purposes, the sisters of March – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – always want to support. However, growing sometimes means growing away. Author of love, Jo leaves New York and decided to publish a novel. According to an invalid design version, Joel’s headteacher urges her to write something interesting to her family. When the disaster brings a sister to a home, integration takes a new meaning. It’s comforting her sick sister, Bethasks one thing: the story. Jo is perfect with heart.

Of women playing women in women’s field for women’s purposes, the sisters in March – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – always support themselves. As he went to New York to write a novel, he challenged his publisher to write something interesting to his family. When a disaster strikes the brothers and sisters at home, linking them together, while Jo Beth tries to comfort her when she is ill.