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Creed Ii 2018

Life has become a balance for Adonis Creed. Between personal devotion and learning for his next big battle, he faced the challenge of his life. Meeting the enemy associated with the past of his family, confirms only the upcoming battle in the ring. Rocky Balboa is all on his side, andTogether, Rocky and Adonis are struggling with a common heritage, wondering what it is worth fighting for and finding that nothing is more important than family. Creed II is going to go back to the basics to rediscover what you did as a champion, and when you think you cannot escape your story, wherewhatever you go.

In 1985, boxer Ivan Drago killed the former champion of Apollo Creed in a deadly game that surprised the world. Against the desire of coach Rocky Balboa to take the son of Apolos and the current champion Adonis Creed, this is a challenge to the son of Dragos, another dangerous warrior. Under the direction of Rocky Adonis,prepared for a showdown of his life – a date with fate, which should soon be strange. There is no faith of obsession and Balboa with their common heritage, while the past is back, and everyone is pursuing.

Under the leadership of Rocky Balboa, the newly crowned light heavyweight championAdonis’s weight. The competition against Victor Drago is going on, the son will take Ivan Drago, to.


Stephen Kapl, Jr. Writer:

Chio Khodari Cocker (story), Ryan Kugler (characters) | Under the direction of Rocky Balboa, recently crowned lightweight Adonis Creed, will meet with Victor Drago,the son of Ivan Drago.